Lisa Jahn, Professional Writer

Business and Technical Communication
As modern society relies increasingly on technology for every aspect of life’s activities, business and technical communications continues to grow in strategic importance to writers. Business and technical communication can be defined as workplace writing that incorporates concepts and techniques to communicate complex information in a succinct and logical way. Emphasis is placed on audience analysis and purpose, research and documentation, drafting and revision processes, readability, and graphic aids. I planned, designed, and produced a plethora of different documents that were compelling and readable. 

I created a portfolio of career development documents, which included a job analysis, cover letter, and resume. The focus of these technical writing documents was to sell a message to the prospective employer that I, as the applicant, met the specific needs of the job and I was a good fit for the company.

My second undertaking was designing a set of product instructions that were clear and usable. The descriptive sequence was logical, the level of detail and technicality was appropriate for a general audience, and visual elements were incorporated to enhance individuals understanding.

The third project produced was a marketing brochure for my professional writing services. The intended audience for this brochure was business clients. Through the use of persuasive writing and strategic design, the brochure induced the audience to act – or hire a professional writer.

The final project was a business plan. The target audience was identified, the purpose was defined, and the direction was outlined. Statistical information was presented in tables and graphs for increased usability and readability. The plan flowed in a clear and logical format conducive to the audience’s understanding and culminated with a future vision for success.

Technical writing is about user documents that capture the reader's attention, and 
asking for someone's attention comes with an obligation to deliver, to inform, and to enlighten.