Lisa Jahn, Professional Writer

Media & Public Relations
An organization’s reputation depends on the public’s positive opinion. Thus, understanding mass communication, the principles of persuasion, and the dynamics of public opinion is imperative for a public relations writing. It is the responsibility of the writer to create and maintain good relationships with the public.

Making sure the right media and the right audience receive the material is paramount to the success of a public relations writer and ultimately the organization represented. Each medium has a unique nature and manner in which its audience consumes the information. Consequently, the writing styles change. For example, an audience that is consuming printed material tends to scan headlines and paragraphs, returning to reread a difficult portion. In contrast, for audiences consuming information through broadcast media, such as radio and television, the writer must emphasize sound and visual elements or the sensory qualities of the message. This audience listens to the message once in its entirety therefore, attention to clarity, sentence length, and word choices are necessary, along with a conversational tone. Today, the Internet and social media have created the necessity for yet another writing style for the public relations writer to spread messages and foster lasting relationships with publics.

I developed a foundation of mass communication and public relations through education, and an awareness of writing styles and strategies through observation and analysis. Comprehending the essential elements of public relations and understanding how to integrated different strategies guided me in the preparation of the effective public relations pieces listed below. 

                     1.A personality profile for print media:

                     2.A video news release script for broadcast media:

                     3.A blog for the Internet and social media:

                     4.A media kit in preparation for a PR campaign:
                           (project in collaboration with another student)