Lisa Jahn, Professional Writer

Portfolios in Professional Writing
Online presence is mandatory for success today. Portfolios are a strategic method to showcase an individual’s work and accomplishments. The two types of portfolios embarked upon were academic and marketing. Both serve a different purpose and audience and as such, the content and structure are different for each. Although, there is some overlapping.

My academic portfolio recounts my journey with New England College and houses coursework projects, along with reflections of my learning experiences. Though, this educational background gives me credibility and authority that is also important to emphasize with my clients, causing it to overlap with my marketing portfolio. Consequently, marketing strategies are incorporated into the content and design as well. There are occasions that I will want to refer clients to my academic portfolio for further evidence of my qualifications to serve them.

Still, my marketing portfolio has a different design and content so that it appeals to a wide-ranging audience with a myriad of needs. As a freelancer, I want both the young and old; both the educated and the blue-collar worker; both the client with self-development needs and the client developing a small business or non-profit organization.

An added strategy that personalizes my marketing portfolio is the digital story I created about my writing history. By letting my clients have a peak of who I am, they will feel comfortable with me and confident in my skills. 

Initiating, expanding, and finalizing (at least for now) both my academic and marketing portfolios caused me to reflect on the ideas, theories, and concepts that I have mastered on this quest of discovery. While I examined all that I have created over the last 18 months in my academic portfolio, I began to perceive what it means outside of the educational arena. Subsequently I opened my marketing portfolio for perusal and I ascertained that it complimented the other one, solidifying the real-world value of all I have learned. The future will be full of the written word for me.

I am a writer
. . . and a writer’s work is never done . . .
so I will reiterate one of the popular words in class – onward!