Lisa Jahn, Professional Writer

Professional Writing & Rhetoric
My career began backwards, in a sense. I gained a wealth of experience in the writing field and then pursued academic education. Essentially, I put practice into theory rather than putting theory into practice. Although that pathway was born out of necessity, it provided a foothold as I began this course. Learning the history of rhetoric and Aristotle’s systematic approach to writing it, provided justification for what I had practiced. This was useful in giving me a methodology that I could connect to and write from forming an infrastructure to my studies. 

My writing began to take on more depth and authority as I continued to apply theories and concepts. I became more than a document producer, I began birthing myself as a rhetor or author and treating knowledge as an activity; orchestrating the knowledge of one discourse so it could be communicated to another. The projects required in the course fostered the understanding of the text, while giving the writer in me the freedom to create instead of simply reiterating the information back to the professor and the class. Additionally, fellow writers critiqued the projects and offered valuable new perspectives. 

Through taking you on a journey of the projects completed in the Professional Writing and Rhetoric course, I will show how I have grown in my writing and as a writer. 

  • Defining rhetoric was the first project. Displaying the concept in a crossword puzzle format raised the awareness of rhetoric to the general public and employing the rhetorical concept of repetition cemented in the meaning of rhetoric. 

  • The second project, creating a manifesto, cultivated the meaning of organizational context working hand-in-hand with rhetorical situations. Strategically incorporating visual elements for works effectively for audience comprehension and retention. 

  • The third project brought out the persuasive effects of rhetoric through making whole document revisions for a non-profit group, Saddlebred Rescue, on a marketing piece. Researching the intended audience, augmented the concept of user-centered writing. 

  • The final project is the piece on this website entitled Why Professional Writers?. The format conveys authority, relevance, authenticity, and merit while inspiring the reader to action. 

As I complete the Professional Writing and Rhetoric course, I have begun to acknowledge my responsibilities as a writer and my capabilities as a producer. I have taken the first steps to transitioning from a professional who writes to:
 a professional writer - Lisa Jahn.