Lisa Jahn, Professional Writer

Take the litmus test  
Ask yourself the following question:

Do I have all three components
  • Knowledge
  • Desire
  • Time

If yes, do your own writing, but
If no, talk to a Professional Writer
Why Professional Writers?
A professional writer is a communication expert who is well versed and practiced in rhetoric, a master of vocabulary and grammar, and the creator of content and form. A professional writer knows the rules and how to use them.

A professional writer always begins with understanding who the audience is for the written material. Knowing the audience drives how the content is written, presented, and delivered. This understanding leads to persuading the audience to act, and results in a positive reflection on the company. 

A professional writer uses a consistent voice strengthening the company’s identity and building trusting business relationships with clients. The relationships are then deepened through the application of ethical standards and knowledge of copyright laws to avoid any misunderstandings, misrepresentations, or legal repercussions.

A professional writer chooses the best method of delivery from a multitude of platforms with the understanding of document requirements, targeted audience, and responsive design. 

In other words, a professional writer is a specialist in reader- and user-centered text, along with the best method of delivery without losing the meaning of the message. 

A professional writer is dedicated to the craft, applying analytical insight and an eye for design that makes each communication piece effective. Constant study of new methods, emerging technology and its limitless hunger for content is a professional writer’s motivation. 

A professional writer is sensitive to diverse audiences, cultural contexts, and social trends. The desire is to become an advocate for both the company and the audience to ensure a positive experience.

A professional writer takes the time to arrange content in such way that it can be easily used. This improved usability of the material always reflects well upon the company and results in a favored response from the audience.

A professional writer is trained, focused, and familiar with the writing process. This familiarity breeds efficiency that is lost on those less familiar. Then relationships are forged with all staff fostering a unified team approach resulting in increased productivity throughout the entire organization.

Employment of professional writers is expected to grow 18 percent –
faster than the average for all occupations from 2008-2018. 
 Bureau of Labor Statistics